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Classic Career Consultants, is the brainchild of Mr. S.K.Vijh, an entrepreneur who has great interest in serving the Indian community. The main objective of 3Cs is to find the right country, the right University or the right College for the right candidate. We use effective counseling, making the admission process smooth and easy, by clearing all hurdles. Every parent intends to place his child in a career oriented course that would offer a brighter future. Parents are constantly on the look out for the best college/university in order to make their child successful in the competitive world.

Classic Career Consultants was founded with the very intention of helping parents; assuring them that their child's future is in safe hands.

Bachelors degree and Master degree in UK: Classic Career Consultants guide you to achieve Bachelors degree and Master degree in the UK. We have latest news and information about Bachelors degree and Master degree courses in the UK. Feel free to click on Enquiry to get answers to all your questions about Bachelors degree and Master degree courses in the UK.


Classic Career Consultants, 3Cs, was started to provide a promising career, to guide aspiring candidates to pursue higher education in UK, USA, Canada, Australia.

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Our Services include: IELTS, VISA, Education Loan, and Career Counseling